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My deepest apologies for my lengthy absence.

I am so incredibly sorry for my prolonged absence. sometimes things become overwhelming and we back away from alot of non necessitys, even those things that we love and are passionate about. This describes how I have felt about quilting and crafting, in general, the past few months. I know many of you have probably wondered and some of you have asked, how things are. Thank you for your patience and concern. I really am so very grateful. I am now rekindling my love and mmaking time for those things that mean a lot to me. This includes KidsQuilts. However, I am also recognizing that I am unable to manage the production on quilts on my own. I am one of those people, that if they feel overwhelmed by what they have to do, they just back away and don’t get it done. Thus, my delay. I am also the type of person that finds it so very hard to admit they are overwhelmed and to ask for help. ……..but I am going to.

The very first two quilts we made for Braeden and Tyler are so close to complete it isn’t even funny. The were quilted, have the binding sewn on and partially hand sewn down. The just need to have the last of the binding sewn. It should literally take about an hour of time. I am commited to get this done ASAP. Then they will be mailed. .

Now Aron’s quilt: I have all the bug squares that you all so kindly made and border fabric (and I think backing too). I want to ask this of you. Is there someone who would take on putting this togetherr?? I will send you the squares, border, backing and can send money for the batting, if you would just sew everything together?? Please let me know if you would be willing and I will get everything organized and in the mail ASAP.

I want you to know that KidsQuilts remains close to my heart and mind and that I plan to make it an active and relevant outreach again. I want to do this in baby steps so I don’t feel overwhelmed again.

I may also move this site to blogger as I have two other blogs there and find blogger easier to maneuver on. I will put a post here with the new directions when I get that set up.

Blessings to you all……..Alison


April 28, 2009 at 11:51 pm 2 comments

Sharon, your blocks arrived.

Wow, mailed August 24th and arrived October 6th!! I think it came the pony express!!! So glad that they got here and I hadn’t started putting the blocks together as I had spent the weekend finishing the hand stitching on the other two!! I had thought I had previously received them but I didn’t~

October 6, 2008 at 10:38 pm 4 comments

Flying in with a quick update

First, Jacquie, the labels arrived two days ago, thank you!! I am going to give them a try this afternoon for the two completed quilts!! Yes, thats right, just the hand binding to do and then the quilts will be ready for mail. I think I know that, with my busy schedule at home, that a three month start to finish is my goal now, not 1 month!! I will share photos when the hand binding is complete but should be by the weekend. Please don’t think my lack of updates the past few weeks shows a lack of interest in this, it doesn’t at all, it has just been crazy with back to school, illnesses etc. Pieceing  of Aryn’s quilt is imminant!

October 2, 2008 at 2:31 pm 3 comments

An overdue update

Hello friends!

Please don’t think I have disappeared I really haven’t. I am here and now, all the bug jars are all here!! Aryn’s quilt should be pieced by next week. How exciting. Braeden and Tyler’s quilts are basically done. I can’t post a photo tonight but will by the weekend. Jacquie, did you do up some labels?? No worries, if you didn’t I just want to make sure before these actually go in the mail this weekend. I have been so very busy with back to school stuff and a sick child etc. Time is just passing so quickly. So I wanted to let you all know that things are progressing with the quilts. Here is a link to Andrew’s new site (my son) for those who are interested!

September 23, 2008 at 2:46 am 3 comments

We dropped a jar!!! ……..actually a few jars!

The jars  were all piled so nicely on my sewing table, with the envelopes that they came in with them, so I could come on today and post an update. My lovely 14 year old daughter is making her first quilt and spent some time in my sewing room yesterday. As she was trying to place her rather large quilt on the cutting board she inadvertently knocked all the blocks all over the floor. Then, trying to clean up her mess, threw away all the envelopes that were with them. So, I am posting photos of all the blocks that I have received to date. Please please. Just let me know if yours are there and if I am waiting for anymore!!!! This quilt is going to be so incredible cute!!! Stephanie, thank you so much for the help with the backing, shipping. That is very appreciated. Seeing as I live in a border town, it is often more economical for me to purchase fabric in the US in Washington, so that works out wonderfully. Thanks again. I received a collection of orphan jar blocks also, that if not used in Aryn’s quilt, can be used in another. Thank you. I included photos of those. Also, while on vacation in Oregon in August I found some wonderful bug fabric on clearance. This is going to be the border of our jar quilt. You can see a photo below.  I have been frustrated with my inability to get to quilting the final steps on Braeden and Tyler’s quilts. This week is my goal! With 4 kids starting school and some bumps in the road with Andrew’s health and trying to spend some time with the kids before the weather turns bad, time slipped by. I am on track now and will show you completed photos of at least the two quilts by Monday! As soon as I figure out if I have all the jar blocks then they will start to get assembled. Then when that is at the quilting stage I hope to open another quilt soon.

Thanks for your comittment to KidsQuilts. It means alot to me.



Had to pop back over to add: If you don’t already visit crazymom quilts blog, make sure you do. I was just over there and she is offering some amazing tutorials. Check it out:

September 10, 2008 at 2:34 am 10 comments

KidsQuilt logo as a label?

As you know, Nicolette created a wonderful logo for KidsQuilts. I still have to put one on this site! I see some of you have them on your blogs and I thank you so much for displaying them and supporting KidsQuilts. I was thinking yesterday, when I was starting the quilting on Braeden’s quilt, that it would be great to create quilt labels with the Kids Quilt logo with room to fill in details on it. Does anyone have any idea how something like that could be done?? I am really bad with labeling my quilts anyhow so I think this would be great but am a bit clueless in how to ‘make it be’! Please share any ideas you may have!

Bradens quilt is all sandwiched and the quilting has begun, I ran out of batting so need to make a store run this week, for Tyler’s quilt. I also forgot to tell you that I bought the border fabric for the bug jar quilt while we were on vacation. I will share a photo at the next update.

September 1, 2008 at 4:14 pm 2 comments

First update on Aryn’s quilt

Hello friends~~ We are back from a very well needed two week vacation. Now we are trying to get 4 kids organized to begin school next week! I came home to several envelopes with bug jars in them! I receive squares from Heidi, Doris, John, Nicolette and someone from Kansas (sorry, the envelope was damaged but the squares weren’t!!) If you haven’t mailed yet or are close to doing so just send me a quick note. I am going to spend next week finishing up the last touches on Braden and Tyler’s so that they can be out in the mail be next weekend. Then I will begin putting this great little quilt together for Aryn! I love the bug jars, they all look great! I’ll update more over the weekend. I have 4 kids to buy school supplies and jeans for this weekend so I don’t think I will have much sewing time till next week!

Please keep my special son Andrew in your prayers. He is having some stressful heart issues right now that is really cutting down on our sleep at night this week. Thought I would add a family picture from our vacation last week!

August 28, 2008 at 1:30 am 13 comments

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