KidsQuilts has a logo!

Nicolette so kindly designed a logo for KidsQuilts so everyone who would like to support KidsQuilts by placing it on their blog or in their side bar can do so. I am in a time crunch to leave in the morning and have been dealing with medical crisis’ with out little guy today so I haven’t been able to put it on this site yet. You can go on over to Nicolette’s site though and pick it up over there!

Thanks Nicolette!! You are a great supporter of KidsQuilts!


August 7, 2008 at 5:24 am 10 comments

Aryn’s quilt is now full!! You are all amazing.

Thank you! Thank you ! Thank you! I am really overwhelmed at the caring and giving nature of quilt bloggers! Below is a complete (I hope) list of block sign ups for Aryn’s quilt. There should be 28 blocks in total which is amazing. As they are a narrower block I think this will work well and I can put some black empty squares in between a few to give interest so this should be lovely. Please remember black backgrounds and bugs/lizards/sea creatures etc for the jar inside. I am going to be away on vacation from Thursday the 7th until Friday the 15th and will have limited internet access while away. I am going to disable my moderation of comments so that if anyone has a question or needs help you can post a comment in the comments section and then if other block makers take a peek they can contact you with assistance. As things are growing with KidsQuilts I am going to look at creating a yahoo group or something of the sort for this purpose, when I return. If anyone anticipates needing the mailing address in the next week, please email by tomorrow evening and I will email it to you.

Mailing date is set for Sept 1st. I tried to leave a comment on everyones blog this evening that just signed up to let you know I did get your sign up and to thank you – one didn’t work and I can’t remember who it was but I have your name on my list below. If you had offered to make blocks, and I left you a note, but didn’t put you on the list it is my error – sorry – I have packing brain as I have to pack for 4 kids and a husband to spend a week on the beach. Please send me a note and I will add you to the list!

Also, Tyler’s border and backing fabric arrived today. It is going to go very well with the quilt top created. I need to add that border and then just the quilting to go. If those who weren’t involved in Tyler’s quilt would like a peek at the fabric selected you can take a peek in the previous blog enteries to a link to a photo of the fabric.

Have a wonderful week everyone and blessing to you all as you make blocks that are going to wrap special kids with love!

Kaden, Aryn’s brother, is just an amazing boy. If you want to read a story of resilience and the will to live, visit Kaden’s site and read about him and his amazing family. His website link is below in the original post for Aryn’s block sign ups.

List of Block participants (all are signed up for 2 blocks each)











Karol Ann




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You are all amazing!!

I just got in late last night from taking my daughter to a camp 6 hours away, so I wasn’t on the internet over the long weekend. I came home to a wonderful amount of sign ups. I promise to get back to each of you individually tonight. At this point we will say that everyone who has emailed/commented please do make and send your 2 blocks. I will make a list tonight and update the site then. I think I will temporarily close sign ups for Aryn’s quilt until I make that list tonight and can do a block count. Thank you, I see a lot of new names that weren’t involved in our first few quilts and it is great that KidsQuilts name is starting to spread!! I will be back tonight~!

What I may do, if we have too many blocks for Aryn’s quilt alone is to take a block from each person for Aryn’s and use their second block in a quilt for the next child in line. I hope that no one would object to that? I have many children in mind to open quilts for and, of course, I would share the information with you on the quilt that your second block would be going into. That is an idea, but I will do the counts tonight!!

August 5, 2008 at 3:30 pm 2 comments

Tyler’s quilt top.

Here is Tyler’s quilt top (minus one more narrow border and the wide baseball border). We could not have planned it better 6 blue and 6 red stars. I put sashing in it to make it a bit closer to the size of the one for his brother Braden, which ended up with more squares. It really is a lovely looking quilt. I will take nice close up photos of the quilts when they are complete. This photo is taken with it laying on my son’s twin size bed so it gives you a bit of an idea of size.

Keep spreading the word about KidsQuilts. We are still in need of some signups for Aryn’s quilt.

August 1, 2008 at 2:05 am 4 comments

Braden’s completed quilt top/Aryn’s sign up update

Braden’s quilt top is completed!! It looks lovely. It fits a twin size bed nicely. The border fabric is dark blue with red spots. I know it is kind of hard to see it the pictures.

Tyler’s top is well on the way. I have put all the star blocks together and am putting sashing on this one. I am using the same blue polka dot fabric that is the border of Braden’s quilt. Tylers quilt ha 12 blocks and Braden’s ended up with 16 which is fabulous. I’ll share photos of Tylers top tomorrow. I am waiting for the border/backing fabric to arrive still for Tylers quilt.

Aryn’s quilt sign ups have begun. (see last post) We have 8 block of 16 spoken for. If you want to sign up please do!! It is going to be a fun quilt to see come together.

So far the sign ups include: Jacquie (2) Nicolette (2) Donna (2) Alison (2)

July 30, 2008 at 11:52 pm 9 comments

Aryn’s Quilt is opening.

I want you to meet a special young man who named Aryn. Aryn has a little brother Kaden who has had some stomach and intestinal issues for a while. His parents had the shock of their lives when they took him to the hospital around 6 weeks ago for IV fluids only to find out that he had very advanced liver cancer. The only viable treatment option for Kaden was a multi organ visceral transplant. This weekend his family received the call and Kaden received a new liver, stomach, pancreas and intestines. He has a long road ahead but this surgery was going to be his only chance for survival. Obviously with so much necessary attention on his brother Aryn must be having a difficult time. I have discovered that Aryn loves science and bugs. I thought this was a great opportunity to make bug jars. Here is the pattern to use. I think it will work well:

Bug Jar pattern

Please use a BLACK background with a lid of any color and bugs or critters in the jar. I think, as the blocks are a bit smaller that we should aim for 16 block sign ups for this quilt. I am going to be away for part of August so I will set the mail date for Sept. 1st. You can follow Kaden’s story at:

Kaden’s site

Please sign up in the comment section and I will reply to confirm. If you wish to make more than one block please indicate how many you are willing to make!

Thanks again everyone.


July 29, 2008 at 4:07 am 14 comments

All blocks received. Thank you!

All quilt blocks have been received. Thank you!! You are all wonderful. I couldn’t have asked for a group of ladies that kept their word as well as you all did. (Noemia, don’t worry about the blocks. They arrived today and I am going to hang on to them in case they can be used in a future project. No worries!! We all have those times!) I actually ended up with more of the anvil blocks than needed so I might make a pillow to match! I hope to begin sewing the blocks together tomorrow and will send a photo along tomorrow night if I get that done.

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